Teeth Whitening Improve Your Smile Instantly
  • Choose from two Zoom whitening options
  • Get better results than store-bought products
  • Feel good about showing off your bright teeth

Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs, CO

You enjoy a cup of morning coffee, some soft drinks, and tea. You like eating pasta and pizza and plenty of other colorful foods. Over time, that affects the appearance of your smile. You can do something about it, though, by getting professional teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, CO. This service can:

  • Remove deep stains
  • Make your teeth look clean and bright
  • Improve your smile quickly
  • Restore your confidence in your smile
  • Give you brighter results than over-the-counter whitening

Don’t settle for a discolored smile! Call 719-675-5238 to make an appointment at Schope Dental, and let your smile shine.

Your Teeth Will Shine with Professional Whitening

People like having white teeth. That’s clear anytime you walk down the toothpaste aisle and see countless whitening products. However, none of them are as effective as the professional products you’ll find at our office. We use Zoom whitening, which is one of the most respected and effective brands available in cosmetic dentistry. You have two great options:

  • In-Office Whitening – You’ll see a significant change in the brightness of your teeth in just one hour right here in our office.
  • Take-Home Whitening – With our kits, you receive custom whitening trays, professional gel, and instructions on how to safely and effectively remove stains in a matter of weeks.

Although whitening is a great smile improvement on its own, you may also want to consider tooth bonding or veneers to address dental flaws or gum reshaping to treat an overly gummy smile. These services can also be part of a total smile makeover.

While it is normal and common for teeth to lose some of their shine over time, there’s no to feel self-conscious about your teeth. Feel confident when you smile with our teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, CO. To schedule your appointment at Schope Dental, call 719-675-5238 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Can teeth whitening be permanent?

No, teeth whitening isn’t permanent. A whitening treatment typically keeps your teeth bright for anywhere from a few months to a few years. This depends on the treatment used, the condition of your teeth, and your lifestyle, among other factors. For instance, if you consume lots of foods and beverages that stain, your teeth won’t stay as white as someone who avoids those substances.

What teeth whitening treatment is best?

Professional whitening provides brighter results than drugstore products. We use Zoom, which can make your teeth appear up to eight shades whiter. For the longest-lasting results, we recommend a combination of in-office and at-home treatments. Once we’ve whitened your teeth in our office, we’ll provide you with custom-made trays and whitening gel to use at home to maintain your bright smile.

How does teeth whitening work?

Our teeth whitening treatments contain oxygen molecules that interact with the discoloration in your tooth enamel, breaking down stains so your smile appears whiter. Whether you whiten in our office or at home, we can use a bleaching gel with varying concentrations. Unlike store products, this allows you to control the degree of whitening you will experience.

Will teeth whitening whiten veneers?

Whitening treatments won’t work on veneers or on other dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, and bridges. If you are considering whitening, it makes sense to do it before receiving your restorations. That way, we can match their color to your whitened teeth so your restorations will look completely natural.

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