You want your kids to feel confident about themselves when they go back to school. You make sure they have all the supplies they need, shop for a new set of clothes, and maybe even stock up on scrunchies! Our back-to-school dental cleanings for kids can also give your children a self-esteem boost by improving their appearance, their breath, and their health.

Regular dental checkups are thorough here. We:

  • Perform a full examination, looking at the health and development of their teeth and wisdom teeth, oral tissues, jaw, bite alignment, and jaw joint (TMJ)
  • Clean their teeth, ensuring we don’t miss any spots
  • Polish their teeth
  • Provide fluoride and/or sealants for further decay protection, if needed
  • Educate your children on best oral hygiene practices
  • Fit your kids for custom sports mouthguards
  • Provide nutritional counseling, as needed
  • Discuss any concerns such as bad breath, cavities, and crooked teeth

The best part is, we can see your whole family at one time! We make dental care even more convenient with early hours, insurance and financing, and laughing gas for anxious kids.

Call us at 719-675-5238 now to schedule your kids’ back-to-school dental cleanings in Colorado Springs. You can also schedule online.

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