Thanksgiving isn’t the only event we talk about in the office this month. It’s also ​​American Diabetes Month. So, you might be thinking, why would a dentist care about diabetes? Dr. Jo Schope cares because she understands the oral-systemic connection, or the connection between diseases like diabetes and oral health.

Diabetes and gum disease, in particular, are inflammatory diseases. Researchers believe the inflammatory response in diabetes can make gum disease worse, and vice versa. Also, diabetics have trouble healing and fighting infection, so infection in the gums can worsen. 

If you have diabetes, it’s important to have a dentist who takes this whole-health-focused approach, as this ADA video points out. We take both diabetes and oral health seriously so we can keep you as healthy as possible. Call Schope Dental today at 719-675-5238 to schedule an appointment in Colorado Springs, or schedule online.