We’re excited about gathering with loved ones for the Fourth this year! We’ve heard a lot of plans from our patients about their backyard BBQs and the opportunity to see some family members they haven’t seen for over a year! We hope you have exciting plans for your holiday.

If you are suffering from bad dentures, your BBQ may not be as exciting as it could be. You might be thinking about freedom from dentures – while others are chomping down on hamburgers and corn on the cob, you’re eating mushy green beans because your dentures can handle them. 

Or maybe you suffer through grilled chicken cut up in tiny pieces, even though it’s not entirely comfortable to eat and risks your dentures coming loose.

Not only that, but if you haven’t seen your family in a while, you don’t want to restrain your conversations or laughter just because you’re afraid of your dentures.

You might even be so used to adjusting to your dentures and sacrificing the foods you love or need that you don’t realize how much you’re missing out on anymore.

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